Orne Cabrita is an illustrator that sometimes writes. Born into the über stimulating chaos of Caracas, Venezuela; they quickly developed a need to research/document/redigest multiple forms of oppression and its consequences. Gender bending through this over saturated reality of ours, since 1985 and dancing with violence since 1998. Their work is driven by two main questions: where is everybody running and who told them to run?  

“The work of Orne Cabrita transmit a lingering nostalgia for a fantasy on the verge of disintegration. Her storybook-likecharacters float dreamily among paint spatters and abstract designs, their curved bodies spiraling away towards the unseen.” Hi-Fructose Magazine

“Le travail d’Orne Cabrita présente un univers particulier, rempli de sincérité, inspiré par les luttes intestines, que tout le monde cherche à cacher. Il donne naissance à nos monstres internes. Son univers est plein d’entre eux, des créatures qui fluctuent entre le bien et le mal.” Emmetrop